About Dr. Prange

Dr. Prange provides personalized health care that addresses physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors that may compromise one's capacity to recover from an injury or illness. His work helps patients understand the underlying cause of their condition and provides treatment to help the body heal itself.

He has been in private practice for over thirty years and has pioneered the use of acupuncture in mainstream medicine. Bill was the first acupuncturist to obtain hospital privileges in California and has helped launch integrative medical programs for Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Hospital, and Blue Shield of California. Dr. Prange was a founding partner of Petaluma's Hill Park Medical Center where medical doctors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and other health professionals work together to provide responsible and innovative health care.

A former psychotherapist and teacher of yoga, meditation, and bodywork, Dr. Prange brings a holistic approach to health and healing. His formal training has included earning a Doctorate in Oriental Medicine from SAMRA University and completing advanced acupuncture training in China. Bill is licensed to practice acupuncture by the California Medical Board and is a past board member of the California Acupuncture Association.

Dr Prange has helped thousands of people improve their health through natural medicines. He is an avid student of health and healing, and researches emerging therapies with a critical eye for proven results.

Recognition and Awards

  • Multiple ​awards for Best Acupuncturist and Best Holistic Doctor ​from​ Sonoma Bohemian Magazine ​readers ​and the Northern California Share Guide

  • Founder, Sonoma Oriental Medical Association

  • Former Board Member, California State Oriental Medical Association.  Recognized for early contributions to its formation and success.

  • First licensed acupuncturist to receive hospital privileges in California​.​

  • First licensed acupuncturist for Kaiser Permanente.  Co-developed their Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program.

  • Contributed to the development of Santa Rosa Sutter Hospital’s free clinic​,​ providing supportive care for women with breast cancer.

  • Co-Founder and former director of Sonoma County’s Hill Park Medical Center that has integrated ​W​estern and alternative medicines since 1987.

  • Former alternative and complementary medicine consultant for Blue Shield of California and American Whole Health.

  • Former instructor of ​G​estalt therapy, meditation and ​H​atha yoga at Esalen Institute​.​


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