Cancer Supportive Care

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has recommended acupuncture as an effective means to reduce nausea associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. Their opinion was based on research which clearly demonstrated significant reduction of nausea following acupuncture therapy. While NIH's findings are encouraging, I believe it only hints of the potential benefits Oriental and alternative medicines offer people who are receiving or recovering from conventional cancer therapies.

I have studied how to best use acupuncture, herbs, supplements, and nutrition with cancer patients since I was successfully treated with surgery and radiation therapy for testicular cancer in 1985. Interest in supporting the success of conventional therapies with alternative modalities has grown over the past 20 years - and, I now network with health care professionals who are creating the emerging field of "Integrative Oncology." Although healing cancer remains challenging, I firmly believe that an integration of alternative and conventional therapies provides the most effective treatment.

Weekly acupuncture therapy during chemo and radiation therapies may improve sleep, increase appetite, and help regulate digestion and elimination. In addition, my patients report that acupuncture reduces anxiety and stress associated with their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Natural Remedies
It is common for people to self prescribe herbs, vitamins, and supplements without fully understanding their interactive and potentially adverse effects. I review my patient's current supplementation, recommend optimal dosage as well as frequency of administration, and create a program of natural products specific to one's condition and treatment plan.

Lifestyle Regulation
I have served hundreds of patients while they are being treated for cancer, and I understand many of the personal challenges faced on the road to recovery. Knowing how to regulate rest and exercise, work and retreat, nutrition, and other lifestyle factors can help patients feel more balanced and secure. I teach my patients breathing and meditation based exercises that build a sense of wellbeing, even in the most difficult of times.


Acupuncture and herbs helped my body handle the toxins and discharge waste. This enabled me to stay strong during treatment and restore my health on the long road to recovery. In my own experience, I believe that the combination of Western Medicine (chemo and radiation therapies) and Eastern Medicines (acupuncture and herbs) made it possible to bring my body back to health - - C.C Hodgkins Lymphoma

I liked the idea that I was helping my body cope with the harsh treatments and I felt better knowing I was doing the very best possible to protect myself. Visualization, for me, was extremely helpful while enduring radiation and chemo, and it may be helpful to others, too. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to experience the benefits of acupuncture. Thank you, Bill and staff, for your extra-special care and attention. - L.F. Breast Cancer

Your calm, gentle and informed treatment of me - from a non-Western medicine perspective - Was not only physically healing, but it helped me put everything in perspective, and move into the next phase of my treatment with a great deal more confidence in the eventual positive outcome. I am truly grateful to have found a "Healer" in your person. I count your efforts as most significant in the treatment of my cancer. I suppose there is no way of telling what is most effective in the treatment of prostate cancer - every medical discipline has its own perspective and bias - but I'm convinced that "attitude" is one of the most important aspects. And I know that my attitude was addressed and strengthened by your attitude. I'm grateful for that. - R.A. Prostate Cancer

During the kind but clinical primary western medical treatment I received for breast cancer, it was emotionally comforting, physically reassuring, and energetically rewarding to have the healing, human care of a gifted acupuncturist. - K.J. Breast Cancer

Dr Prange's empathy and understanding has been a source of deep encouragement for me. He is interested in me as a person and not as a disease. The emphasis of his treatment has been to bring as much balance and harmony as possible to counteract the adverse effects of my Western treatments. I have found acupuncture treatments very peaceful and restful. Afterwards, I always feel better, more hopeful, and able to sleep better - as well as have more energy and much less nausea. I strongly recommend acupuncture treatments to anyone suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. I believe acupuncture would provide a sense of well-being and relief from the adverse side effects of cancer treatments. - M.A.S. Lung Cancer







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