Chinese Herbal Formulas

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, compiled by unknown authors between 200 and 100 B.C. is the oldest major Chinese medical text. It has two sections, “Simple Questions” (Su Wen) and “Spiritual Axis” (Ling Shu) that comprise the theoretical and philosophical foundation of Chinese medicine, and discuss the therapeutic modalities of herbs, acupuncture, diet, and exercise. Unlike Western medications that address specific symptoms, Chinese herbal formulas facilitate harmony and balance of the body’s energies to help the body heal itself.

The art of Chinese herbal formulas has undergone significant change through the centuries. Starting out as fairly crude potions with magical overtones, they have developed into sophisticated therapeutic tools. Today, traditional Chinese herbal formulas, dating back to the third century B.C., continue to be prescribed according to classical Oriental diagnostic strategies, but methods of cultivation and preparation have been considerably improved. My office uses powders, tablets and tinctures that are scientifically regulated for proper ratios of ingredients and quality of materials.

  • Dosage and Frequency: In Oriental medicine, more herbs do not necessarily create a stronger or more advantageous response. Please follow my recommendations and call me if you experience discomfort. It is customary to take herbal formulas with warm water away from food (at least 1/2 hr. before or 45 minutes after a meal), unless directed otherwise. Most of my formulas now contain standardized herbal extracts which are less affected by food - so, if you forget to take your herbs at the prescribed time, take them when you remember.

  • Storage: Keep herbs in closed containers, out of the sun, in a cool cabinet. It is not necessary to refrigerate herbal products.

I select herbal products on the basis of their proven quality, consistency, and therapeutic effects. I recommend herbal products that are evaluated for potency and toxicity, and have proven clinical results.

Herbs Are Food For The Body, Mind, & Spirit.


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