New Patient Information

I believe that each patient presents unique health concerns and capacities for healing. My knowledge of Oriental Medicine can help you understand multiple factors (physical, emotional, dietary, and lifestyle) that may influence your condition. I use non-invasive and natural therapies to facilitate optimal circulation of blood, lymph, and energy to help restore impaired function. Your mind, body, and spirit are the vehicles for healing. I am honored to support your journey toward health and healing.

We begin our healing partnership with a 60 minute initial evaluation to discuss your current health concerns, review your history, and assess your strengths and weaknesses from Western and Oriental medical perspectives. I have placed a New Patient Intake Form and a Notice of Privacy Practices for you to complete and bring to your visit. In addition, please bring any relevant medical tests and correspondence, as well as bottles of current natural and/or prescriptive medicines, to your initial evaluation. I request that you avoid caffeine, scented lotions and perfumes on the day of your first treatment.

While much can be understood about your condition within your first session, I will also learn through your response to my treatment. Please pay attention to how my treatment affects your primary health concern as well as noting changes in sleep, mood, appetite, vitality, and other associated symptoms. Treatment may be deeply relaxing as you release chronic tension and form new, and more effective, energy patterns. Please plan to avoid strenuous activity for several hours after treatment.

Our work together may involve the following modalities:

  1. Acupuncture: Fine, sterile, needles are inserted into precise reflexes that help the body release chronic tensions and promote circulation of energy.
  2. Bodywork: Deep tissue, reflexive, and subtle energy techniques are used to improve posture and mobility, and reduce stress.
  3. Chinese Herbs: Complex herbal formulas address Oriental medical syndromes affecting the circulation of blood, fluids and energy.
  4. Nutritional Supplements: Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids prescribed in accordance with Oriental Medical diagnostic principles.
  5. Dietary Guidelines and Clinical Detoxification: Skillful use of food to help the body heal itself.
  6. Meditation and Energy Exercises: Focused awareness and breathing exercises promote personal insight and physical vitality.

Please download and print these two forms:
New Patient Intake Form and Privacy Practices

If you have questions regarding your care, feel free to call or contact me by phone or email.


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