I would like to offer my highest recommendation for Bill Prange. I have known Dr. Prange since 2006 as his patient and as a colleague. He was one of the founders of Sutter Hospital’s Integrative Health and Healing Services (IHHS), which provided free or low-fee complementary therapies to women with cancer. Dr. Prange worked with the hospital administration to start the program before I came on board as Program Director. His vision and participation helped to shape the integrative nature of the program. He was no longer with the program when I was hired, but due to his impressive reputation in our community, I urged him to return as an Advisory Board member and a volunteer provider. Fortunately he agreed.

I have been involved with integrative medicine for almost 25 years and have come to realize that there are many skilled providers in the field. Of those providers, there are a select few that rise to the top in their ability to consistently, positively impact their patients. Bill Prange is one of those gifted providers. For the 5 years I managed IHHS, I sat at our welcome desk greeting patients and checking in with them when they finished their sessions. And in that time, the response to his treatments from the patients whom he had cared for were almost universal. “He is amazing.”

After hearing that repeatedly, I took it upon myself to see what exactly was so “amazing” about him and subsequently saw him as a patient for several months. In that time, he helped me address some long-standing and distressing health issues that I hadn’t otherwise been able to shake.

I soon came to see why the description amazing was fitting for the experience. Dr. Prange met me on a very deep level. He was able to address my physical complaints, but he was also highly intuitive and worked with me on a mental, emotional and spiritual level as well. I have seen many, many acupuncturists, and few can capture and work on the level that Dr. Prange does. All of this, combined with his incredibly kind, caring, open and non-judgmental presence created an experience that fully demonstrated why his care was so highly regarded.

I was sad for our community to learn that Dr. Prange was leaving the area. But our loss is your gain, and you can consider yourself fortunate to have such a gifted practitioner in your area. I hold Dr. Prange in the highest regard and encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with him, either as a colleague or a patient, to do so.

Pam Koppel, LCSW
Program Director
Cancer Support, Sonoma Valley Hospital

Over the years, I have greatly appreciated the way Bill Prange navigates patients through healing options. He uses a team approach, collaborating with allopathic physicians, knowing when to refer to how to best communicate. Because his patients trust his advice, they have been ready and willing to work with me for further evaluation and treatment. This collaborative partnership has made my work easier and more rewarding and provides a better and balanced pathway for patient healing.

Gary Nichols, MD, Board Certified Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine

I started treatment with Dr. Prange when I became pregnant at 35 and was seeking help to have a home birth, although I was a high risk pregnancy because of a prior history of pre-eclampsia and toxemia with the birth of my first child, as well as a history of cervical cancer. Dr. Prange's care through that pregnancy enabled a home delivery of a beautiful son in what a midwife called a clinically perfect birth.

He subsequently treated me for serious back pain and injuries with positive results. As the years passed I was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, and we worked together to lower it with different herbs and diet suggestions.

I have an unusual family and medical background as well as an active intuitive and spiritual life. Dr. Prange has always been very patient and understanding with a depth I have not had with other doctors.

However, the most enduring encounter that brings tears as I write this is the care he offered to my dad who was dying and in terrible in pain from cancer. Dr. Prange offered to treat him in his home, as he was unable to move. As he gently placed needles into his body, I watched my Dad find ease with himself and become blessedly pain free. How many doctors offer these selfless acts of kindness? A real healer, like Dr. Bill Prange.

Gail Hayssen

I have been an attorney for over 35 years. I became a patient of Dr. Prange almost 20 years ago. He was quick to diagnose a serious, life threatening, condition and immediately referred me for appropriate care at Kaiser. His acupuncture treatments helped support my health through my Western medical treatments, and I subsequently saw him for preventive care to help reduce stress and improve my vitality. He offers a unique knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine that probably saved my life. I highly recommend him. In addition, he has a great sense of humor.

Jim Drombowski

I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Prange in 2012 when my husband, Clare Gregory, was suffering from a severe bout of sciatica. Clare had recently broken his neck in a horseback riding accident. During his recovery from spinal surgery, Clare began to experience severe sciatica. Clare had a life-long history of sciatic, but this particular bout was profound, and two trips to the emergency clinic brought no relief. After two sessions with Dr. Prange, Clare's sciatica was gone and did not return for two years!

As a veterinarian who has done night emergency work for over 20 years, I began seeking treatment from Dr. Prange as a means of supporting my own immune system. His work clearly helped support my body through a very taxing work schedule, allowing me to avoid many of the common colds and illnesses that made their way through our work environment. In addition, I had always had an interest in becoming trained in acupuncture myself. Clare's and my own wonderful responses to Dr. Prange's work were the motivating force that drove me to pursue my own training in veterinary acupuncture.

Clare and I are forever grateful for the incredible personal care and medical support that Dr. Prange provided to both of us.

Ilsi Medearis DVM, CVA

My body has benefitted from Bill’s tremendous focus, his loving touch, his unified approach and his vast knowledge. His treatments have been my mainstay for over 30 years. He also gave my father many more years of life and the kind of friendship my father could only accept as an old man.

Kate Munger
Founder Threshold Choir

I have practiced physical therapy in Sonoma County since the middle 80s. I am impressed with the breadth of Dr Prange's understanding of the medical issues affecting his patients. As a patient myself, he has been excellent and resourceful. easily filling in the gaps in my own knowledge. I wholeheartedly endorse him.

Joop Delahaye
Registered Physical Therapist

Bill Prange is a very caring and skilled practitioner. I have seen him for a wide range of ailments over several years and benefited greatly from his acupuncture and herbal treatments. His demeanor is always compassionate and calm and his treatments intuitive and wise. I should add that I work in the same profession and have an intimate understanding of these modalities, which can make it hard to find an acupuncturist who makes the cut...Bill does this with flying colors! I'm grateful for the ways in which he has helped heal my body and balance my emotions. He is a true healer.

Whitney Shatz, MA, LAc







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